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Driving Mrs. Daisy

Do you ever wish your life was more like a car? I was driving the other day and the door ajar light flicked on. I immediately knew one of the doors wasn't closed all the way. So I stopped the car, checked each door, found the one "in question", gave it a good hard slam shut, got back in the car, started driving again, and Poof! The light promptly went off.

If only our lifes' problems were that easy to detect and resolve. Like say my tummy wasn't feeling good and I wasn't sure why....a light could just come on saying, "Food Poisoning" or "Cramps" or "Gas". Then you could just fix it with tums or Tylenol or....a trip to the ER.

Reminders to get "tune ups" would be great too. Like when you hit your three thousand mile mark, or in my case, your "I am not running as well as I used to" mark. Like when my symbolic MPG have gone from 50 to 15. Then I could say to myself, "Time to check my oil!" or something weird like that.

What's funny about all this "car talk" is that sometimes it feels like we take better care of our vehicles with four tires than we do our "spiritual vehicles" with two legs. How many of us have stellar car insurance so that when we're in an accident, we're okay....but when it comes to our lives, we have little or no life insurance? Or why is it we make sure our cars have the best fuel running through them so that we can get the best bang for our buck, but when it comes to what we consume food wise, we waste our money on crap like greasy million calorie french fries and hamburgers? Or here's a big one.....why do we think it's okay to break the rules of the road like speeding and driving without a seat belt, but become all high and mighty in our judgments of others who make moral mistakes with their bodies like drinking or smoking?

Deep thoughts, I know.:)

What I do love about my life is that with the modern convenience of my vehicle, I'm able to see so much in just a short amount of time that I would never be able to see otherwise. I love driving up to the lake or mountains with my family to star gaze and feel the wonders of nature. Or take vacations to the beach or to the snow. Those things would not be possible without our family car. I can physically feel my body relax when I am able to sit on a beach of sand, or on a grassy hill or on a mountain top and see the wonders of this world that have been so wonderfully created just for us. And it does my "spiritual vessel" good.

So thank you my friend with four wheels. Even though I envy your problem/solution indicator, I have much to learn from you too.

Katy B. is a wife and mother of three who enjoys life's many adventures...especially when cheesecake is involved. 
Ahhhh...blessed cheesecake.  Her roller coaster of thoughts can be found at  admission is always free.

*photo courtesy of flickr

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