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Exploding Casserole Dish De'Ja Vu

Have you ever seen the movie, "Emperor's New Groove"?  I must admit, it's a favorite of mine.

And Kronk? Well, he's my hero.

I have conversations like the one above a lot with my shoulder angel. Oh, if you don't have one I would highly encourage you to apply for one. The application fee is $50, payable to Serene.

Anyway, my conversations are usually about blogging. Should I blog it? Or should I NOT blog it?

Well, I'm thinking my shoulder devil won again because in the name of keeping things real, here I go.
Thinking to self, "Oh ya, today was the day! I'm on top of it all! I'm in control! I'm Super Mom!"

I like to think of myself as on over-all cautious, careful person. And despite the many exquisite messes I post on my blog, I do watch over my kids with care.

I confidently placed my small pot of water on the back burner and turning the heat up to high, I walk away from the stove to change over the laundry. After all, it does take a few minutes for water to start boiling.
As I started to walk back to the kitchen, I heard a loud explosion!

Wondering what in the world was left out that the kids could have possibly destroyed, I ran the few remaining steps to the kitchen.

To my relief, no kids were in sight. But to my utter dismay, there on my stove top, exploded into a gazillion little shards of glass, sat what was remaining of my casserole dish.

You guessed it. I had accidentally turned on the wrong burner! And the cool glass dish that held last night's leftovers, well, the corner of it had been resting peacefully on the wrong burner that I had only moments before, turned up to high heat.


Glass EVERYWHERE! Shot into the living room, over into the dining room, under the stove, covering my counter tops... it was a real mess.

And in that moment I had a flash-back to many years ago.

My friend and I were hungry. It was late when I pulled out a casserole dish FULL of my favorite chicken that my mom had made earlier that day.

Thinking I was a complete genius, I purposely placed it on a burner and turned it on to high, totally sure it was going to be an easy way to warm up the chicken.

You should have seen it. I went to move the pan a little and when I did, right then and there with me and my poor friend standing nearby, the pan exploded, spewing glass and chicken EVERYWHERE.

I'm starting to think it takes real talent to be able to blow up more than one glass dish. Should I add it to my resume?

So there I stood, looking over my de ja' vu.

Now, you've never seen a mommy's mad cleaning skills until you see her clean something up in a hurry that might hurt her kids. Even I was impressed with how quickly I could sweep the floor five times, vacuum the living room and the kitchen, wipe down all the counters and mop the floor.

Without ever cutting myself.

Oh ya, mad skills.

Even though house smelled liked burnt... something, and so did my hair.

Oh ya, I was on top of things alright.

I could tell.

This message is brought to you by the "Someone Will Always Be Dumber Than You Foundation" where we pride ourselves on making you feel better about yourself.

Serene is a mom to four kids born in four and a half years who has nightmares about exploding kitchenware and flying glass. She blogs about all her misadventures over at Serene is my name, not my life! She is also a freelance artist. Check out her portfolio page!

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