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I'm a Mormon

Sunday at church one of our speakers talked about some startling statistics concerning my religion. Some of them (that I can remember off the top of my head) were:

1) the majority of people surveyed--around 50%--said they didn't know any one who was Mormon.

2) the majority of people surveyed--above 70%--weren't sure whether Mormon's practiced polygamy or not.

My Press Kit

Well...if you are reading this blog you know a Mormon.

I don't often talk about my faith on my own blog, and the only real reason I have for that is because my beliefs are part of who I am, they make up the very fabric of my personality and are therefore inseperable. I don't talk about it as if it is a secondary to who I am, because it isn't.

To me that would be like speaking of my arm as if it was not a part of me. It is impossible.

But after hearing what was said at church, and being encouraged to help break some of these glaring inaccuracies, I have decided to speak up a little more.

First on my list is to make a personal press kit. A list (easily accessible and hand-out-able) of information that defines my religion.

Second is to answer whatever questions there may be (in the spirit of learning, not hating) about what I believe.

So.... last night, while I sat there and told the kids what to clean, I created a little something-something on my computer that I can print out and keep in my wallet to give away if the opportunity arises. This is what I came up with one of my own.

As facts go:

*I do not, nor have I ever, nor do I ever expect to practice polygamy. The polygamists that have made the headlines so much in the past years are not members of my religion. In fact, in what I find to be a profound moment of humor, polygamy was last practiced by members of my faith 120 years ago.

*I am allowed to use birth control whenever I want.

*I can drink a Diet Coke whenever I well please, but I do not drink coffee or tea. Nor do I smoke or abuse drugs.

*I do not have horns, nor did I have horns that fell off when I left Utah... and in actuality I've only lived in Utah for 2 years of my life.

*I do not wear seven pairs of underwear, but I do believe in being modest in dress and keeping my shoulders, abdomen and upper legs covered.

There are many falacies about the Mormon faith. Some are as ridiculous as us having horns. Within the confines and safety of our own we tend to laugh these things off, but the truth is that they all have a little sting to them.

I'm not a devil. I'm not a zealot. I'm a normal person just like you... with faults and imperfections, with guilt and sorrow and regret. I live each day wondering what the next will bring and struggling to pay my bills. I laugh, and love, and barbecue on weekends.

I'm as normal as anyone else who goes to church on Sundays, believe it or not. :)

Any questions?


Cannwin  spends her time searching for her inner Shakespeare in the hopes that  one day she will be able to dethrone the king and take her place as the  greatest writer of all time. She currently resides in South Dakota with  her husband and four children. You can explore more of her world at The Great and Random Ramblings of Cannwin , The Literary Soundtrack, and askCannwin.

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