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Plentiful Pantry: Review and a Giveaway!

Plentiful Pantry is an AMAZING company that creates gourmet food for people who love to eat well, but don’t have hours to spend in the kitchen.
(Time-challenged, they call it)
And since I am most definitely “time-challenged,” I was excited when they asked if they could send me a few items to try…. and by a few items, they meant all of THIS:
plentiful pantry key lime cheesecake barsBeing the kind of woman I am, I made the cheesecake bars first. Readers: they were a KNOCK OUT HIT at my house. Chocolate cookie crumb crust, topped by an airy cheesecake layer with a hint of lime. Also: No. Baking. Required. They were gone in approximately 2.7 seconds. 
The next item we decided to try was the creamy roasted garlic sauce with the angel hair pasta. Now, I am the first to admit that white sauces are my palate’s nemesis. They’re too thick, or too cheesy, or too blah. I decided that if Plentiful Pantry could make me eat a white sauce, I would be theirs for life.
I’m theirs.
And then I got mad at all the other white sauces I’ve tried over the years, because I’m reasonable like that. The sauce was light, with a delicate garlic flavor. One packet was PLENTY for my fplentiful pantry tortilla soupamily of six, and it was so simple to make! I just added a little bit of butter and milk; quick, easy, and everyone loved it.
Bottom line: Plentiful Pantry makes delicious, family friendly meals that you can make in a snap.
Each item only requires one or two ingredients be added. (For the Tortilla Soup, I added water. That’s it.) And  it’s so fast! So on those busy days when I completely forget about dinner until it’s dinner time? I am totally busting out with the Plentiful Pantry.
* * * * * * * * * *
NOW: Because Plentiful Pantry is so good to us all, they are offering all of our readers a 25% discount!
That’s right! Just enter coupon code:
at checkout and you’ll receive 25% off your total purchase! The coupon code is only good through October 31, 2010, and can be used on any items on the Plentiful Pantry site*.
But since we know how much you love FREE STUFF, Plentiful Pantry has also decided to send one lucky reader one of the pantry items that I reviewed. SO.
Entry 1: Tell me what item YOU would want to try. Risotto, Cobbler, Cheesecake bars, delicious creamy garlic sauce with noodles… you get the idea.
Entry 2: Subscribe to the MMB Newsletter. Then come back and leave a comment telling us you’re a subscriber. If you already subscribe to our newsletter, congratulations, you still get this extra entry, PLUS our awesome newsletter.
Entry 3: Follow Us! Because we like stalkers. Then come back and leave another comment!
* * * * * * * * * *
Important Stuff: You MUST leave a separate comment FOR EACH ENTRY. Contest closes Thursday, October 14, 2010 at 9pm EST.
*coupon code cannot be combined with any other offer, discount, or gift certificate.

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