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Quiet Moments

It's in the quiet moments, when the sun is rising over the mountains that I feel an awakening of the mind. A peace can be achieved at this point that will help carry me through a day of chaos. I can hear the children stirring (some are still deep in sleep as their snoring resonates through the house), but I know still have a few more minutes of quiet reflection.

I think about the previous day where new friends were met and instantly became cherished.

I think about my darling husband telling "baby man" not to bite the guest only his brothers.

I reflect upon the blessing of having wonderful daughters who are willing to work by my side, sharing their thoughts, desires and dreams.

I dwell on those not so wonderfully mommy moments when I wasn't at my best and wished I had handled the situation better.

I come up with another plan on how I can do better. One day knowing I will overcome myself and become stellar.

I think about the series I've been reading... the effects of war and humanity.

I giggle at my attempts to indoctrinate the boys into always giving me a kiss and telling me they love me, not matter who they are with (hoping they will still do this when they are grown).

I put everything down on paper, clearing my mind in preparation for my study. For my time to commune with a merciful Father in Heaven. Waiting and hoping to feel enlightened; to unlock truths that only the Spirit can write upon my heart with such clarity and peace and I am forever changed.

It's in these quiet moments, as the sun is rising that I begin to understand who we really are, why we are here and what is required. It's in these moments that I am nourished and filled.

guest post by Allison Kimball

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