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Book Review - COLD AS ICE by Stephanie Black

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your wrists duct taped together? Wise person that you are, probably not. But me, on the other hand, wanting to be a thorough writer, tried it. Oh my stars! I worked on getting free for quite some time. My wrists turned red, and I hate to admit it, but I felt a little panicky.

What does this have to do with Stephanie Black’s new novel, COLD AS ICE?

Here’s the description on the back of the book.

After five patient years, Abigail Wyatt’s sisterly care is finally paying off; her younger brother, Derek, is abandoning his self-destructive lifestyle and seeking his parents’ forgiveness, thus ending the painful estrangement that wounded the whole family. But just as the pieces are falling into place for the prodigal’s return, a woman is murdered in a local park—and police name Derek as the prime suspect. Rather than standing firm and cementing the positive changes in his life, Derek succumbs to his cynical fears and runs from the law, leaving Abigail with her hands tied. Literally.

Derek’s raw panic convinces everyone that he’s the killer—everyone except Abigail, who doggedly maintains her brother’s innocence. With the help of Kyle, a friend she might be falling for, Abigail digs deep into the murdered woman’s troubled past in hopes of clearing Derek’s name. But as she uncovers a sinister plot of greed, envy and vengeance, this loyal sister must face the painful truth that things—and people—are not always as they seem.

Did you notice Abigail's wrists were tied.? They were actually duct taped, and I know from experience how it feels! Black’s novel is not your typical suspense and that is why I loved this book. Just when I thought I had the plot figured out something unexpected would happen. That’s the sign of a great writer.

Abigail's undying devotion to her brother is inspiring. Even facing incredible odds and all sorts of reasons why she should just walk away, she doesn't. Derek, her brother, has a troubled past shadowing him. Will he revert to his old ways, or remain committed to cleaning up his life? Both Abigail and Derek grow as the plot unfolds.

Was there anything that bothered me about the book? I would have liked a little more tension at the beginning. The reader is introduced to all the players, but tension doesn’t ramp up until you’re a little ways into the novel. And that’s good because by then you can’t put it down!!!

COLD AS ICE is a nail-biting, heart-pounding suspense you’ll enjoy reading.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this novel and in no way did that impact my review. I reviewed it because I liked it.

Kathi Oram Peterson is the mother of three, grandmother of two and wife of one. She has always loved books, whether she’s reading or writing them. Her first published novel was The Forgotten Warrior (2009) followed by An Angel on Main Street (2009). Her new novel, The Stone Traveler is now in stores. Her next novel, River Whispers, will be released in the spring of 2011.

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