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Book Review: Stand for the Family by Sharon Slater

If you know me at all, you know that I read a lot. When I was new in my ward, we played a game at Enrichment (back when it was called that) where everyone had to say two true things about themselves and a lie. One of my truths was that I had read thirteen novels in the two weeks previous. Everyone guessed that as my lie.

Stand for the Family

Stand for the Family by Sharon Slater is the most important book I have ever read (okay, besides the Book of Mormon, of course...)

Have you ever wanted to stand up in the battle for the family but wondered what you, a single person, could do? Do you sometimes feel tongue-tied when talking about family issues with those outside the LDS faith? I have.

This book will answer your questions.

It is a well-researched, well-written book about the attacks that are being made against the family, both overt and covert. Sharon Slater discusses attacks at the local, national, and international levels.

Although it is disturbing at times, Stand for the Family is written as a call to action. You are left feeling like you can (and must) make a difference. Each section talks about what YOU can do.

Honestly, it is a page-turner. It's both appalling and empowering. Stand for the Family isn't written as a touchy-feely look into what we think is right. (Although the author is LDS, the book is not specific to any religion.) The author shows over and over again, through experience and research, that it is in the best interest of society to preserve the institution of the family.

Sharon Slater was "just a mom" who found herself fighting against the anti-family agenda at the UN. She is proving, through her work, that anyone who has the desire to stand up for the family can help and, in fact, change the world.

To see a chapter breakdown of the book and a press release, see here. For more info about Sharon and her organization (Family Watch International), click here. (Start helping in the battle by signing the petition while you're there.)

What else can I say? This one is a must-read.

Emily loves books more than chocolate cake. Find hundreds of reviews (and other chatter) at her blog, Homespun Light.

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