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Changing Perspectives

Our oldest son was born in the middle of a three month deployment. It  was a scheduled deployment, and we'd known it would happen, yet there  was a chance my husband would be able to come home early for Wyatt's  birth. Except, no matter how hard I prayed for that, he didn't. I  remember how frustrated I was at the time,  how helpless and angry that nothing had gone the way we'd planned. It  was a long time before we could even talk about what  had happened, the pain was so raw. It felt like something that had been  irreparably lost to us. As I was thinking it over recently, though,  something struck me hard about that  period in my life. Those months afterward that I had spent fretting and  being  angry about all the things that didn't work out, I was overlooking all  the beautiful things that did  happen.

For instance, I didn't get to tell Oliver we were expecting in person. I found out a  couple days after he left. It was three agonizing weeks before he had a  chance to call home (back when cell phone calls on the top of the sub  were still allowed). I had intended to wait until I met up with him in  Hawaii during a port call a month and a half later and do something cute to tell him about  the baby, like I'd planned when we were trying to get pregnant.

However,  I'd kept it in for too long, and I just told him.  That was definitely not what I would have chosen for the big reveal,  especially since I didn't even get to see his face when I told him. I  though I'd lost something, but I discovered a few months later that in  reality, Wyatt had gained something beautiful instead.

We  have each  written letters to both our boys before they were born. Oliver wrote to  him how he was standing on a submarine rocking in the waves when he  heard the wonderful news he was going to become a father. It was  beautiful, and clearly showed that despite the distance, he very much  wanted and loved his new little son right away. That one  letter is worth the temporary disappointment I suffered.

I recalled also the moment Oliver held his little boy for the first  time. Wyatt was almost six weeks old. We'd just come back from picking  him up at homecoming. He hadn't held him there because he was loaded  down with a sea bag and other random luggage. When we got home, Oliver  dropped his stuff, then sat down on the couch. I unstrapped Wyatt and  put him in his father's arms. I'll never forget the way Oliver's face  lit up. He's not one to be enamored with babies, but he quite clearly loved his.

We didn't get to share the hospital experience, but it's okay. There was a  time when I really didn't think I'd ever be able to feel like it wasn't  some massive loss. Today, I really feel like we gained something else. I  have a lot of emails (as email was uncommonly good that one patrol)  and letters we passed back and forth. The journals we trade every time  he is gone are full of talk about how we felt and what it was like for  each of us, learning about our son.

I don't have anything like that for Oscar. His daddy was there, and we  have some pictures and video of our brief time in the hospital, but not  much else. I am very, very grateful we were able to share the experience  that time, but I don't think I can even compare the two of them. They  were unique, and they were both special for different reasons.

Life is all too often not the way we  think it should be. When we get too caught up in what didn't happen, the  good things that did can slide right past us. I did that for quite a  long time after Wyatt was born. I'm very grateful that today I can look  back and feel good inside about all that we did gain from it. In the  end, we didn't lose a chance to share in our son's birth; we just shared  it in a different way.


Ana is a restless soul who would love   to keep moving around the world the rest of her life. This is probably   why she married a submariner in the U.S Navy seven years ago. They have   two energetic little boys, and currently live in the Bahamas. She  blogs  about life in paradise at Sunrise on the Water.

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