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Discussion Wednesday - Dating

We all know that dating should be happening AFTER the age of 16. We also know that dating members is the ideal. That's pretty easy to do if you live in Utah, or Idaho or even Arizona.

But Chicago? Nashville? Bilioxi? Anchorage? Fargo? Not so much.

I know of kids that don't date EVER because there aren't members of the church their age to date.

I also know kids who date A TON because "if they only dated members, they would never go on a date."

Yes, they run the risk of marrying someone not of their faith if they date outside the faith.

But, they also run the risk of marrying the first person they date if they never date anyone.

Which is worse?

What do those of you-- that live outside of "The Mormon Corridor"--
do with regards to dating members vs. non-members?

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