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Of Course We Have More Clothes Than Men!

I believe it would be a safe to say that we have all sat in one conversation or another where someone, usually male, just has to make fun of the amount of clothes women (in general) have.

Pish, jealous.

I use to wonder at this myself actually as I can safely boast to never having a ounce of style. Now, I realize that there are women out there who shop in excess, but that's not the point here. I have come to understand just WHY women tend to have more clothes than men.

The answer is really quite obvious.

You see, it all starts at a young age. We members of the female species are going along in our happy existence when wham! Puberty hits like a pound of bacon stuck to our backside without warning. For me that meant upgrading my training bra and jean size. Suddenly you have all these curves that you just don't know what to do with and which calls for a whole different wardrobe!

Once we get that figured out, maybe grow into our new curves, maybe we gain/lose more weight, then we realize that as a teenager, we suddenly have to appear presentable and stylish and have to adjust our wardrobe accordingly.

Of course, I was never a stylish teenager. Just trust me on this one, okay?

Then we get married. Whether you are on birth control or not, your body has to endure yet another hormonal change which seems to alter your body in any number of ways! As evidenced by the fact that my wedding dress didn't fit me one month after I bought it.

Then the kids come along. Now THAT could be a whole post by itself! And I have known enough women on fertility treatments to know how that can put your body through the ringer too.

As it currently stands, I have many more pairs of jeans than my husband does. I have a stack of my:

  •  skinny jeans 
  •  newly pregnant and gaining weight jeans 
  •  maternity jeans 
  •  post baby jeans 
  •  almost skinny jeans 
Then the cycle starts again. And that's just the pants! Don't get me started on tops. 

And quite frankly, even when I do lose all the baby weight, things always seem to fit completely different after each child.

If we avoid buying clothes that fit us and try to squeeze into clothes that are too small, we look ridiculous and have love handles sticking out everywhere.

If we wear clothes that are too big for us, we are accused of being sloppy!

So I don't understand why we are given such a hard time for having so many clothes!

 We can't help it!

 We were created this way.

Serene is a mother to four kids, with baby number five on the way. She dreams of someday going on a shopping spree! She blogs stuff and nonsense over at Serene is my name, Not my life! She is also a freelance artist and you can view her work on her portfolio page.

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