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Out of the Mouth of Babes

Teaching children tact is proving to be a bit of a challenge for me.

I mean, I am torn. I want my children to be honest. They need to be in honest. In this day and age, lying is barely considering wrong, but I don't want that. We need to speak truth. I need my children to know that they need to.

And yet. There is that fine line between"absolute truth" and "unintentionally rude." It's a real problem. With a four and three year old who are not exactly what one would call "quiet" it is really something to be dealt with.

Case In Point:

Spencer (My three year old): Mommy! That man's tummy is very very big! Does he have a baby in there too?"
Me: (as quietly as I can manage): No, honey, he doesn't. Let's talk more quietly please!

Fact: The man did indeed have a rather large stomach area. 

See what I mean? As little children they are merely observing and reporting. No ill is intended in their truth speaking.

 I really am stumped as to how to approach "true but inappropriate" ya know?

And what is inappropriate anyway?

Case In Point:

Henry (my four year old, speaking to his great grandfather): Grandpa, you're really old.
Grandpa: Well. Yes.

Fact: My grandfather is in his 70's which appears ancient to my four year old. 

Is that wrong to say? Is it rude to bring up something that is true and can not be helped, especially when no malice is intended?

What age does it go from "small children with no filters" to "they really ought to know better"?


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