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Spelling With Side Walk Chalk

With school back in session, I thought I'd give those powerful mom's a great tip I just learned.

While visiting outside with my neighbor, I watched her write spelling words with her son on the sidewalk with chalk.

After writing each word, her son would hop as he spelled out each letter of the word.

It was one of the awesomest ideas I have ever seen for making mundane homework enjoyable. Love the idea! Love my neighbor!

If you have children that aren't school age, have them draw a "city". Complete with a firehouse, church-house, thoroughfares and of course a Wal-mart! I watched our neighborhood posse draw golf courses, malls, Build-A-Bears, etc. all the way up and down our street. Each driveway was a corner or commerce.

Only one warning: it may reveal more than you ever wanted to know about mommy's little shopping habits!

Married to the hilarious Bro. Wray, Kristen is the mother of 3 inconceivably amazing Humans and Humphry, the St Bernard. Residing in LDS Church Headquarters; when she's not golfing, reading or being sarcastic, Kristen can be found trying to catch her racing mind. At war to keep traditions and values alive with Things To Learn At

Photo Courtesy of: Kristen Wray

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