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Thanksgiving Craft–Free Printable Milk Carton Favor

This ADORABLE (and free!) printable craft will make your Thanksgiving dinner so very special!

milk carton favor thanksgiving printable

It is so easy to make, and can be made into any size!

For this project, I printed the cartons at 4x6 inches, which gave me two printables to a sheet! It also made them about the size of a wedding favor box when complete.

Step One: download and print your milk carton favors

To download:                                        

-Click on image below to view full size
-Right-click the image and choose "Save image as" or "Save picture as" and save the image to your computer.
-Now you can print them off!

Step Two: Cut!

cut out milk carton thanksgiving printable

I apologize for two things: 1) the bad lighting in this photo and 2) for almost being out of ink!

Step Three: Fold!


Step Four: Glue!

glue milk-carton-favor thanksgiving printable

Apply a small amount of glue to the tab.

glue milk carton favor thanksgiving printable

Line up the ribbon design, and press close.  Then close the bottom flaps, and glue.

dry milk-carton-favor

Let them dry overnight. (I put tealights into the bottom of each milk carton to act as a weight and keep the bottoms flat while they dried)

Step Five: Hole Punch!

hole punch milk carton favor thanksgiving printable

Holding the ends together evenly, punch a hole through the tops. (For larger milk carton favor sizes, you might want to punch two holes in the top!)

Step Six: Fasten!

Fasten milk carton favor thanksgiving printable

You can tie off your favor with whatever you want! I used ric rac, but you could use ribbon or raffia! And I guess technically, you should put something INSIDE of your favor before you fasten it. I suggest chocolate.  Winking smile

Step Seven: Embellish!


I used flowers to embellish my milk carton thanksgiving favors. I used two different sizes of flowers, and fastened them together with a small brad. Then I used hot glue to attach them to the carton!


So cute!

And if you just can’t wait until Thanksgiving to make your own, MMB suggests you hand them out to your neighbors, teachers, and to those special sisters that you visit teach!

milk carton printables

milk carton printables as favors

thanksgiving printables dinner table

To get the rest of the printables you see pictured above, visit our very favorite blog designer, LEELOU! She has a full Thanksgiving printables packet that includes:

Happy Crafting everyone!

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