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What The Priesthood Means to Me

How grateful I am for the Priesthood to bless and direct my life!

Priesthood is people, it is best understood through the lives of the people it blesses.

Priesthood is the bishop of a young girl.  When she had nowhere to go and no one to help her, he was there for her.  To guide her, influence her, pray with her and bless her life.

Priesthood is the words in a Patriarchal blessing, that echo in a young mind and help direct her choices throughout her life.

Priesthood is the blessing given to a woman having complications in childbirth.  It is the flooding comfort that brings renewed strength throughout those seemingly endless hours.

Priesthood is the child who awakes in the middle of the night with an earache, and the sleepy home teachers who anoint and bless him.  In a matter of moments all is quiet, the pain has subsided and the child lays sleeping in his bed.

Priesthood is the young man in the mission field.

Priesthood is the blessing of comfort given to a mother when she has found herself alone and her trials overwhelm her.  It is the reassurance that her Heavenly Father loves her and knows of her pain.

Priesthood is the hands placed upon the head of a dying child and through the Holy Power of our Heavenly Father the child is restored to health and strength with a sound mind and body.

Priesthood is the quorum who gathers together to help a struggling family for Christmas.

Priesthood is the gift of God, given to insensitive, imperfect, doubting men for their own perfection.

Priesthood is a gift to be shared and like love, must be given away.  One honors the Priesthood by using it for the benefit of others.  It is really service done here on earth in the name of God.  It is a constant witness that the Lord does love us and is aware of our every need and desire.  He often accomplishes great works through the hands of His servants.

You do not have to have the Priesthood in your family to feel the blessings of it in your daily life.  The Priesthood is all around you, you have only to ask and it will touch your life.  The Priesthood is both a privilege and also an opportunity to serve.  Christ Himself, took each one of the apostles feet and washed them.  He who is master of us all, showed us how to serve.  How grateful I am for His loving example.  How grateful I am for the Priesthood on the earth today and for the blessings that have entered my life because of it.

Patty Ann is the mother of Eleven wonderful children (most of whom decided to grow up and move out!)  She is also the wife an amazing man who loves and cherishes her and spoils her rotten.  After everyone else is in bed, she can often be found riding in the back of the local Ambulance as an EMT.  You can find her blogging most days at Pitterle Postings

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