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Why I'm a Mormon

I should not be Mormon. I was raised in a very troubled home where religion was twisted and distorted. I should have run away from the LDS church, screaming! Everything from my early life pointed me towards being non-religious. What happened? I picked up and read the Book of Mormon. The book spoke directly to my heart and soul, like no other book could. And I have read many wonderful, poignant books to compare it to. And even now, decades later, I cannot outgrow that book. It always stays a few paces ahead of me, opening my eyes, filling my heart with new concepts and light.

That book taught me that Jesus is the Christ, He is a personal Savior, who in every sense of the phrase, is the "true and living" God. "True and living" means "here and now". It means He is actively seeking us in our troubles right this very now. We can have as much conscious contact with Him as we strive for and allow.

I know the Savior loves me, loves all of me. My strengths, my weaknesses, my struggles, my yearnings, my strivings. These are things I have come to know through my membership in the Mormon Church. I am Mormon because it is a huge blessing to be one. My membership in the church brings peace, confidence and brightness of hope. Rare commodities in today's world!

I have heard a lot of people put down and contort the LDS faith. Mostly through false information, through quotes taken out of context and with the blinding emotions of hate and anger. Satan fights our church very hard. I would invite anyone who has been duped by such tactics to take a simpler, more peaceful path. Read the Book of Mormon and decide for yourself what it really is. I would plead with you to not absorb your opinion from someone else who has an agenda.

There is peace, there is hope and there is direction. Finding it and grabbing a hold of it has been the best journey of my life.

Why are you Mormon?

guest post by Shawnie of Classic Moms Corner

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