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Daybreak | A New Home Community in Utah

Daybreak is a new development on the southwest side of Salt Lake City that feels different. It mixes the old neighborhood feel with modern design and a family focus.

Daybreak’s retail area SoDa Row provides a special sort of shopping experience. Imagine dropping the kids off at gymnastics, going to the bank, picking up the dry cleaning, and browsing a unique clothes boutique, all within a few blocks of home. The entire community was designed around the principle that you should be able to walk five minutes and have access to shops, restaurants and services.

According to Daybreak, all of the new homes they build are 30 percent more energy efficient than comparable new homes in Utah. Each home is Energy Star® certified and designed to conserve water as well. That means big savings on your energy and water bills each month.

Something many people notice about the Daybreak community is the artfulness of the home design. The developers assembled a rigorous set of guidelines to ensure each home is beautiful both from a distance and in the small details you can appreciate every day.

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