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Decade of Decision

At Stake Priesthood meeting tonight we were reminded of a talk given by Elder Hales entitled: "Preparing for the Decade of Decision".
Elder Hales describes a series of incredibly important decisions:

"All of these life-altering decisions will be made in a very busy, relatively short period during your 20s—during what I call the “Decade of Decision."

I started thinking about all of the decisions I've made during the past 10 years of my life:

Church. (It's true- I just need to figure out this whole obedience thing a little better)

College. (BYU - also decided 5 years would be more fun than 4)

Mission. (England, Birmingham 2003-2005)

Major. (Public Relations)

Career. (Blickenstaff's Toy & Candy)

Marriage. (Leah my beautiful wife)

Yep, there they are - 6 HUGE decisions.

But now that they're made what do I do?

I sat in the meeting tonight and wondered what comes after the "decade of decision"?

I feel like you are taught, groomed, trained and advised on how to make wise choices during your "decade of decision"

"O, remember, my son, and learn wisdom in thy youth..." (Alma 37:35)

BUT - everyone failed to mention what comes next.

"Decade of decision" sounds so exciting and life changing. Now what?

Have the exciting decisions come and gone?

I've been brainstorming names for my current point in life:

"decade of revision" (a chance to fix any mistakes I made)
"decade of submission" (a time to submit to the consequences of the past decade)
"decade of "provision" (a time to become a provider)

Hhmm... yeah nothing stands out.

Where's the training manual for everything left to do?

¿ What comes after the "decade of decision"?

Kyle Aldous writes daily in "Justified by the Scriptures" about the connections between everyday occurrences and the scriptures. He is a bboy, teacher, PR Director and just took on the role of husband!

Photo credit: Barnaby Wasson

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