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Discussion Wednesday - Family Gift Giving

How do you handle EXTENDED family gift giving? 

I, personally, do not purchase gifts for extended family. 

I don't do siblings, parents, in-laws, grandparents, or any other relation that did not come from the fruits of my labors.... literally. 

The thing is, family gift exchanges have a tendency to get WAY out of hand. 

And how do you handle it when one family has 7 kids, and another family member is single, and you're supposed to draw names for each person? How is it fair for one family to buy multiple gifts, and for someone else to only purchase one? 

And really, do we want to be stressed out and broke every December? Or do we want to hold hands and sing carols? 

Do you participate in Family Gift Exchanges and what are your rules? 

Talk to me Christmas Goose. 

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