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I Spy Santa!

We received a email in our inbox earlier this week, asking if we would please check out a new Christmas site:, and we MAY have spent the entire morning on the site, playing games, and getting in to the Christmas spirit.

Why is it so awesome? Well, I’ll let the creators tell you.

While seeing Santa face to face, having him smile down in to your child’s eyes and wave from his lofty sleigh in the Christmas parade are irreplaceable moments filled with magic, enhances and builds on the spirit of Christmas from Thanksgiving Day through Christmas Eve. is a unique website where children can log in to see Santa and hear a personalized message from him on their daily visit.  They can check their status on Santa’s List and find out just what they need to do to stay safely rooted on the Nice side.  Daily, Mrs. Claus will visit her library where she selects a Christmas book to read to the children.  Through enhanced technology, your child will be able to view the pages up close and follow along as she reads.  The Elf Workshop is a magical place for children to explore!  They can watch as new toys are introduced and the Elves work away on the hottest toys of the season.  Constructed toys cruise down a magical slide and morph in to wrapped gifts, ready to be loaded onto Santa’s sleigh or to be shipped off to fill the shelves of local retailers.

In addition to all of the captivating activities, children will be able to create a customized Wish List.  Items can be selected (with the help of an adult) and shared with loved ones at the touch of a button.  Think of a wedding registry, where the bride and groom select items and as they are purchased the item is marked off the list.  Registries are created to avoid duplicate or wrong sized items that require the bride/groom, parent-to-be (or in our case, the parent) from spending hours in the Return line after the big event.  Our Implementation Team is creating an online Wish List which can be easily updated from anywhere the parent or invited participants have internet access. It is our goal to take away the headaches of Christmas shopping and make giving enjoyable and not a chore.  Grandma no longer has to guess the wants or sizes of a seven year old on the opposite coast, brave the mall, wrap and ship.  By following a link she can order a wish list item online, have it wrapped, shipped and delivered in time for Christmas, leaving more time for baking cookies and snuggling by the fire.  Parents of older children can use this feature for their picky fifteen year old rock star or preteen angel who changes her mind daily.  The possibilities are many, the process is made simple and the benefits are great!

But it’s not all about the presents at iSpySanta.comBy partnering with various organizations, we are able to make sizable donations to charities around the world and spread the spirit of Christmas through giving. Mrs. Claus and her library promote literacy and help parents at the busiest time of the year to read to their children at least 15 minutes a night.  Various fundraising opportunities are available for organizations such as PTA’s and Boys and Girls Clubs as well.

We are L-O-V-I-N-G everything about this site, and we will DEFINITELY be purchasing the daily visits from Santa for $9.95, and you should too!

Enjoy shopping for quality baby clothing at

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