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Josie and the Shirt Pants

About a year ago, Josie received a pair of overalls from her good friend Logan, and since that time they have become her most favorite piece of clothing to wear.  Ever.  She adores them so much that on occasion I have had to hide them from her, so that she must pick something else to wear. I know. I'm such a horrible mommy.  But she has so many other cute clothes that never get a chance to shine....Oh, I know they don't have feelings, but come on people.

The other day Josie wanted to help me put away laundry (a random treat for me). When she came to her overalls, she said, "Mom what drawer do I put my shirt pants in?" 

I told her they go in her pants drawer. 

"But they are a shirt too, Mommy," she replied.  I told her that you wear a shirt under them. 

"But you don't have to," she said back to me.

I watched her eyes grow very troubled.  I imagined, this was one of those "crossroads" moments for her... no small issue for a four year old, I'm sure. She just couldn't make a decision.  So I told her, "Just put them in your pants drawer. It's okay."  She looked at me, happy that I made the choice for her. And she was soon on her way, shoving them in her bottom dresser drawer.

I wonder as she grows older, if she'll turn to me with that same look of "What do I do now Mom? I don't know which road to take...." and I'll try to do my best to help her, being grateful for the easy answers to life's questions and scared of the more serious ones. Sometimes, I may share that same look of confusion along with her that she had with her "shirt pants," I fear. 

Good thing we'll have Heavenly Father to help us out in those cases. And I'm sure He'll be there for us every time. We may not like the answers...but I hope we'll be grateful and hold to them like the iron rod.

Oh please don't grow up too fast my Josie...I'm not ready yet.

Katy is a musically inclined wife and mother of three who enjoys life's many adventures...especially when cheesecake is involved. Ahhhh...blessed cheesecake.  Her roller coaster of thoughts can be found at  Admission is always free.

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