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Marriage Relationships

My Husband and I dated for a year before we were married. That equals about 10 years too long in Utah. People get married really quick in Utah it is no secret.  Everyone was wondering why it was taking us so long. I was pretty much right out of high school. Marriage pretty much freaked me out. I am so grateful for that year we had  together. We had so much fun dating and really got to know one another. One thing that is Funny about the husband and I is how romantic we were. We were the couple every one would always roll there eyes at and say, "Oh Brother".

We met at a local community college. Actually we first really met at a conference weekend singles dance at the great Salt Lake. We were in the same group of friends. He actually saved me from dancing with this guy I did not want to dance with. The guy had just gotten home from his mission and actually called me Elder, for reals!

We both took classes at the community college and started dating a few months later. He would walk me to my math class that was over this bridge, romantic right? Parting was such sweet sorrow. We were pretty mushy and dramatic.

Fast Forward to present time I was sitting with my family during sacrament meeting trying to calm my three crazy girls down enough so I could hear everything. There was this new couple that spoke . They had just gotten married and were so sweet. The husband was a photographer and said that the pictures he took now were more beautiful than ever now that his wife was a part of his life. It was just about the sweetest thing you could say about someone.

As I looked at the newlywed couple I started to think about how in my own marriage the romantic part has changed throughout the 8 years of our marriage but I do not think it has changed for the worse, our days may not be filled with dramatic goodbyes on a bridge everyday, but the little things my husband does for me make me just as happy right now. Like bringing me down my glasses in the morning when I am getting my daughter ready for school just because he knows it will make it easier or letting me have the entire scoop of Guacamole on our Taco Salad that we are sharing at a restaurant just because he knows it is my favorite.

I am glad we had those romantic mushy gushy moments before we were married but I would never trade them for what we have now.

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