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On the First Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me....

Dave an I were engaged during the holiday season back in 1999.  In fact, our wedding was planned to take place a few weeks after Christmas.  So during the entire month of December, we were anxiously getting everything ready for our special wedding day.

Because it was the first time we were celebrating Christmas together, I was extra excited to see what gift I was to receive from him....thoughts of sugar plums and anything romantic danced in my head during that time.  When Dave came to my house on Christmas Eve, he told me he had my gift.  Knowing I just couldn't wait until the next morning, he asked if I wanted it now.  Of course I did!

He went to the back of his car, and from the trunk, brought out a gift bag.  I excitedly opened it to see what was inside.

It was a day planner.

The look of disappointment could not be hid from my face.  He knew immediately something was wrong.  And I felt so awful for a couple of reasons.

1. That I didn't like it.

2. That he knew I didn't like it and felt absolutely horrible about it.

He said it took him such a long time to come up with the perfect gift for me.  And he thought with my busy life that was to be ahead of me after we were married, (job, school, numerous church callings, etc.) I could use a planner to organize my time and energy.

All I saw was a book full of dates and papers and nothing romantic about it.  All my sugar plum thoughts went out the window in a sweet rush of speedy disenchantment.

Looking back on that time in our lives, I see someone who really put time and thought into something so sweet for me.....and I, the immature girl at the time was just horrible.

Our Christmases each year have always been one of joking when it came to what Dave would get me....since I started things on such the wrong foot with him in the gift receiving department.  And it is something I can never take back...but learn from.  As the years have gone by, I've come to appreciate every gift Dave has given me.  In fact, the following year, Dave gave me a beautiful diamond ring that belonged to his late grandmother.  And every year after that he has really done an amazing job in trying to make me feel special with the gifts he has given me.  And I have really tried to do the same.  And I've learned that there is more to this holiday season than what we receive, but what we give to those we love around us.

And really, when it comes down to it.  It's not my birthday we're celebrating, right?


Katy is a musically inclined wife and mother of three who enjoys life's many adventures...especially when cheesecake is involved. Ahhhh...blessed cheesecake.  Her roller coaster of thoughts can be found at  admission is always free.

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