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Questions to Ask About Women in the Scriptures

image used with permission from Liz Lemon Swindle
On Sunday I taught a lesson on Women in the Scriptures at church. My goal with the lesson was to help the women learn how to recognize and relate to the women that are mentioned in the scriptures. Often times all we get is a name or a brief mention of a wife or daughter and nothing else about her. But by stopping and taking time to think and reflect often times I've found that I can learn much about what she must have experienced, what her life might have been like, and what type of woman she was.

I have also found that I've been able to relate or "liken" the scriptures to my own life as a woman better when I remember that almost EVERY story has a woman in it somewhere-- whether we hear about her or not. For my lesson on Sunday I made a list of the questions that I ask myself every time I come across a new woman in the scriptures and I thought they might be helpful for others in their own personal scripture study. 

1- What is unique about this woman and her story?
2- How does she fit into the time period in which she lived?
3- What Christlike qualities does she exemplify?
4- What would I ask her if I could meet her?
5- How can I relate to her?
6- What can I (or someone else I know) learn from her experiences? 

Each woman's story will mean something different to everyone and there is such power in being able to find your own answers and discoveries in the scriptures. I hope that these can help you, and other people you know, pay more attention to the women in the scriptures and not pass over a remarkable woman just because she is only mentioned as the a daughter, a widow, a wife or a child.

Happy Scripture Studying!


Heather is the wife of one wonderful man, the mother to two beautiful children and 12 chickens. When she isn't baking muffins, snuggling a baby or chasing chickens she works on her book "The Gift of Giving Life: Rediscovering the Divine Nature of Pregnancy and Birth" and writes on her blog  Women in the Scriptures. 

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