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Thanksgiving Point Review and Giveaway!

Thanksgiving point lights utah

Who wants to have their photo taken with the original St. Nicholas and be able to pet Rudolph?

Your kids do, and they can courtesy of Thanksgiving Point and their generous Full Family Membership that they are giving away here on MMB!

Thanksgiving Point’s website:

Thanksgiving Point Gardens, the Children’s Discovery Garden, Farm Country, and the Museum of Ancient Life, and the Emporium and restaurants offer stimulating and engaging experiences in a safe, family-friendly setting. They foster learning, bring families closer together and provide beautiful gathering places for groups of all kinds, giving them opportunities to share their cultural heritage and common bonds.

Hands-on discovery is delivered through innovative educational courses, day camps and field trips. Educational offerings are designed for every age group, from toddlers to adults.

Experiences at Thanksgiving Point offer discovery with a flair that is unique. Because of the creativity that is paramount in the design of our venues and programs, people who engage in the Promise of Discovery have a one-of-a-kind adventure that is both memorable and life-changing.

pumpkin soup in cute little bread bowlsto die for shrimp nachos

MMB  had the opportunity to visit Thanksgiving Point recently with a group of local bloggers and go on an exclusive, behind the scenes Holiday Tour. I was amazed at all the incredible things their facility offers!

We started out our evening with a cooking demonstration from Thanksgiving Points Harvest Restaurant Chef.  HOLY COW! First he made these amazing Rock Shrimp Nachos that were seriously some of the best nachos I have ever eaten. They had just the right amount of kick with a layer of sweet. I could have eaten an entire platter.

Next we had Butter Nut Squash Soup.

Honestly, I was really nervous about this one. I sort of think squash is nasty. The texture kicks my gag reflux into high gear. The bread bowls were tiny and the perfect size for a sampling. I put on my big girl pants, and tried the soup and people! It was so good! It had a sweet flavor to it and the texture was like a fine potato soup! I would eat that again—especially if I could have it in that cute little bread bowl!

Christmas Neighbor Gifts

Next, Thanksgiving Point’s Emporium taught us how to make these awesome neighbor gifts. They told us that the new IT item for decorating is burlap. Who knew?!


1. We used empty chili cans (labels taken off, obviously).

2. Small pebbles put in the bottom of the can.

3. Fill can 3/4 of the way full with potting soil.

4. Take your amaryllis bulb and stick that into the soil, making sure the pointy end is sticking up!

5. Cover bulb with a little more soil.

6. Place potting moss around the top of the soil.

7. Water.

8. Take your burlap and tie it securely around your can. 

9. Cut a few sprigs of Ever Green and some holly berries (fresh is better, but you can use fake stuff) and stick those behind the bow that you tied. I cut my burlap so that all I had to do was tie it in a knot and I put the sprigs of green and berry’s behind the knot. Fray the burlap so it looks a little worn.  

10. Easiest Christmas Present EVER for your neighbors.

Thanksgiving Point Emporium

Thanksgiving point shop utahWe learned that evening that the Thanksgiving Point Emporium Staff never stops thinking about Christmas. 

They go to market in January where they start purchasing all of the product for next years Christmas Displays.

Their design team is on top of not only the latest trends but what is the hot, must have item for your home.

They then took us on a tour of the facility, and we were given full access to their basement where they hide not only their product but their latest, greatest finds!

The candy shop was my favorite! I tasted the pralines Fudge and holy cannoli, Batman! That fudge melted in my mouth! I could have eaten the entire pan had they let me. They have giant jars filled with every flavor you can imagine of suckers—just like the ones Grandma used to make!

Light Display

Thanksgiving Point has the most amazing light display around. You get to stay in your car and see over one million twinkling lights! They hired an ice sculptor artist to make a light display—and this ice sculpture changes every single day, depending on how the water and ice freeze. It was one of the neatest things I had seen, and I am taking my kids there next week for FHE.



Thanksgiving Point is offering one lucky reader from MMB a Thanksgiving Point Family Membership!

This membership includes:

- Free Admission to Thanksgiving Point Gardens, Museum of Ancient Life and Farm Country
- 10% Discount on Retail & Food Property Wide
-Monthly Thanksgiving Point Gazette
- E-Mail Blast
- Personalized Membership Card
- 50% off Admissions for accompanied guests
- Early Admission to Thanksgiving Point Gardens
- Mammoth Screen Movies $5 per person/per movie

  • All Memberships are valid for one year
  • Family is defined as two parents and all children 18 or younger living in the same household
  • Child is defined as 12 or younger
  • Discounts exclude catering and event concessions
  • Grandparents and their grandchildren 18 or younger (Grandparent must be present)


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      Good Luck to everyone!

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