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Conquering Your Mount Everest

My husband and I love watching documentaries.  Especially the ones that feature physical feats and human spirit conquering accomplishments.

We recently watched a documentary featuring climbers on Mount Everest.  Standing at 29,002 feet (including a "death zone" above 26,246 feet) climbing this mountain is a major commitment which would include 4 months, $40,000, and possibly your life.  Multiple people die on trying to climb this mountain every year.

As I was watching this I realized how desensitized I had become to people accomplishing this great feat.  We often hear about people who have climbed Mount Everest, twice, or other amazing feats.

Just because many people have done it, doesn't make it any less of an accomplishment for those who have accomplished it.

In the documentary one of the climbers physically couldn't make it.  Not because he wasn't strong enough, or determined enough, but because his body didn't adjust to the altitude as well and he wasn't as able to absorb oxygen into his blood stream as others.  He worked just as hard as the others.  He felt good about his accomplishment because he took it as far as his body could go.

Don't talk yourself out of doing amazing things just because they are more common than they used to be.  For some people running 75 miles is their Everest.  For some people it's a marathon.  For some it's a 5k.  For some, it's just getting off the couch.

Heavenly Father made us all different for a reason.  Some of us will accomplish things that stand out.  Some of us come in the back of the pack.  But every one who tries puts forth effort, heart, and commitment.

As you're making fitness your goals for the new year, evaluate the size of your Mount Everest.  Goals are not made to impress others, but to challenge ourselves to become better.

It's not the finish line that matters.  Strength comes from the work and commitment you put in to get there.


Amy N. loves to run, play the piano and talk, a lot.  With a cycling husband and two active boys she is always on the go. You can read about their adventures here.

*Photo via Flicker

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