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The Flooding in Australia

MMB was sent an email last night with an appeal to our readers for help. It is a request to help our fellow members that are dealing with the massive flooding in Queensland, Australia.  I was horried to learn how enormous the flooding has become.  Can you imagine all of California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona and Idaho being completely flooded?  Simply horrifying. 

Please read the following email, watch the video and then ACT by donating to the cause! Also, please spread the word on your blogs about this cause! 

You are welcome to use the button below and the email on your posts to help spread the word about not only the auction  but the site where people can donate.

Thank you,

Elisa & Caroline


Dear MMB: 

As you may have seen on your news broadcasts, Queensland Australia is suffering under massive floods. Imagine a single state the size of California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Nevada and Arizona combined. That's how big Queensland is. Currently 75% of our state is affected by floods - or an area equivalent to California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona and Idaho combined. 

Flooding has been occurring for weeks in the more remote parts of the state. On Monday, the town of Toowoomba, which sits on the top of the Great Dividing Range, was hit with almost 4 inches of rain in an hour, causing flash flooding. Since Toowoomba is on the top of a mountain range, that water had nowhere else to go but down the range. 

Hardest hit was the town of Grantham, which was almost completely destroyed by a 10 foot wall of water. The water has continued flowing down the river to the state capital of Brisbane, causing major flooding to towns along the way and to Brisbane itself. So far, 15 people are confirmed dead and almost 60 people are still missing, and thousands of homes and businesses are underwater or have been underwater. Flooding is continuing in other parts of the state, and the flood threat is now spreading to other parts of Australia.

So what can we do to help? Toni Coward, an LDS blogger from Tasmania is coordinating the Queensland Flood Appeal Auctions - she has organised a group of Australian (and some international) craft bloggers to hold auctions on their blogs of handmade items, craft supplies and the like. The auction will be starting on Monday January 17th  and will run for the entire week. All proceeds will be going to the Queensland Premier Flood Relief Appeal
Information can be found on Toni's blog - 
Alternatively, donations can be made directly to the Premier's Relief appeal, at  Please help! 
Thank you, MMB readers!

Dianne Lovelock
Ipswich, Queensland, Australia

You can receive live updates on the flood by following the Queensland Police on Twitter @QPSmedia or the Queensland Government @consultqld  There is also an Official Facebook page that gives constant updates and current information. You can also make an online donation here.


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