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I Hate Running

That's me and Tyler holding hands at the finish of my 1st Half Marathon

“I hate running.”

“I will never like running. It’s just not my thing. I’d rather go to a class at the gym.”

“No one ever looks like they’re having fun when they are on a run.”

These are things I used to say all the time. I swore to my husband Tyler that I would never be a runner.   I didn’t change my mind overnight, and no amount of “you’d like it if you tried it” from well meaning friends convinced me either. Although I soon found out they were right.

Things began changing for me while I was waiting at the finish line for Tyler to complete his first half marathon. I was watching the runners finish their races amazed at how hard some of them were working. There were runners who were barely moving, agony on their faces. There were runners who looked strong and sprinted to the finish. There were runners egging on the crowd, pumping their fists in the air. I got so emotional watching all of this unfold. It was so inspiring to see people push themselves and succeed and celebrate their accomplishments. I had the same experience while waiting for Tyler to finish his 1st marathon, 4 months after his 1st half marathon. Honestly, I felt a little dorky. Who cries at the finish line of races?!? ME! All the time!

A few weeks after Tyler finished his 1st marathon, I went out to breakfast with some dear friends who were both runners.  Somehow the conversation turned to me running a half marathon. I have no idea what came over me, obviously the same crazy emotions I felt at Tyler’s races.  I ultimately agreed to sign up for a half marathon that was 6 months away.

A day after the fateful breakfast with my friends, I started to have second thoughts about signing up for the race.  I thought, “ I hate running! How can I possibly run 13.1 miles? That is so far!!” But I didn’t want to disappoint my friends. So, Tyler helped me find a half marathon training program, and I started running.

I don’t remember much about starting to run, but I do remember my first 6 mile run. I thought I would die. Seriously. Die.

I arranged for a babysitter so Tyler could come with me for my 1st 6 miler. It was night, and it was cold. We went on a trail near our house. I remember at mile 2 I started freaking out!

“I’m not even half way!”

“ This is SO far!”

“I’m so tired already”

I’ll spare you the rest of the gory details. Let’s just say it was ugly. Really ugly, and weepy and mental breakdown-ish. But then this amazing thing happened…..

I finished!


I ran 6 miles, without stopping, and without dying!

I felt AMAZING!! I felt powerful, strong, euphoric. I thought ,“Look what I can do! My body is incredible! I ran 6 whole, long, cold miles on my two feet! Yay for me!

I was hooked. I tried it, I stuck with it for several months even though it wasn’t easy, and I felt confident, beautiful and strong. I Love running!


saraSara is an avid runner and races and blogs with her husband  on She is a Mom, a diabetic-gourmet-cook, graphic artist and a genius with money. At least that’s what she tells her family. You can follow more of her running adventures on her blog where tips are given on how to go from a couch to a runner in nothing flat.

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