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Nicholeen Peck Talks About Her Trip to China

I just returned from a trip to Beijing, China to teach people there about creating happy families. I went because the Chinese government expressed interest in strengthening their families. Listen to this audio conference call about my trip and what the Chinese people are doing to heal their homes. I was really impressed with them and their efforts.

Come listen to my podcast about my trip to China! 


Nicholeen Peck answers parenting questions on her blog Teaching Self Government Nicholeen is the mother of four children and has been a foster care for very difficult teens. She taught children with ADHD, OCD, kleptomania, compulsive lying, anger control issues, etc. They were the stars of the British TV sensation Worlds Strictest Parents. She has been featured numerous times in magazines and has written an published a book entitled "Parenting A House United."

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