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A Note To Our Readers

Last week there was an article on about Mormon Mommy Bloggers. (link)

Personally, I loved the article. 

I, too, read certain blogs because of the escapism factor, and yes, they typically seem to be written by Mormon Mommies. I have my own thoughts on what the draw is, but I want to hear what you think the appeal is. 

And so does our reporter friend Jim Carlton of the Wall Street Journal. 

He is looking for NON-Mormons who read Mormon Mommy Blogs fairly obsessively as a follow up to the Salon article. He would really like to speak with the non-Mormon readers because "it seems interesting and unusual to have someone from outside the religion be so pre-occupied with observing the LDS world." If you fit the bill, will you please be a doll and email our friend Jim at

Thank you! 

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