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The Truth Hurts

As a mother to a whole bunch of small boys, I find myself saying (approximately 214 times a day) "DO NOT PUT THAT IN YOUR MOUTH!" Be it a toy, food off the floor, gum from under a public table... the list goes on and on. It's just part of the gig. "Henry, do not chew on your shirt!" is a real favorite around here. As is "No fingers in noses and then mouths! NO!" Someone is always putting something illicit in their mouths.
I just, right this minute, fished a sewing bobbin out of Oliver's mouth.

I was really wondering where my children's oral fixation came from.

Well, I'm ashamed to admit I now know:

I was dusting the living room. That's how it all started. (And yes, I expect you to be proud of me for dusting!) On a shelf in said living room resides a pretty little statue of the Salt Lake Temple. It was the cake topper at my wedding, many years ago. Since that day, seven and half years ago, it has graced a shelf, or a mantle in every home we've had. It's lovely.

Anyway, so I'm dusting, and I pick up the little temple to run the dust rag over it, when I see something strange on the bottom of it. I looked more closely. Hmm, strange. It appeared that there was FROSTING from my wedding cake from nearly a decade ago securely and quite permanently fused to the glass statue.

I stared at it for a moment. How had I not noticed it there for seven years? I must be a pretty rotten duster, that's how.

Then, in a moment of utter and complete reckless abandon,  I leaned over and... (oh I am SO embarrassed!) I licked my temple.

I know. I know.


I can't honestly explain it. My brain utterly and completely failed me in that moment. Perhaps I wanted to see if it still tasted like frosting?!? I mean, I do really like frosting. It's a real favorite of mine. So, maybe I didn't want to see it go to waste?!? I don't know. But it DID NOT taste like frosting. It tasted like seven years of lemon Pledge.

So, then I gagged a lot! And I learned my lesson. Don't ever lick seven year old frosting off ANYTHING!

But, at least one mystery was solved. My children obviously get their oral fixation issues from their mama.


Morgan blogs a lot. It's how she avoids laundry. Find her and her boys at The -Ing Family.

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