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What Is A Family For?

One day our family was sitting around talking about what really makes a family.  Soon our conversation turned to a question.  What is a family for?  This question led to many other questions like: What do people really want out of their family relationships?  What makes a family happy?  Who chooses happiness in the family?  What destroys families?  

The questions and discussion went on and on.  I was so happy to hear my children say things like, “Well, if you just listen to Mom and Dad and do what they say then you will be happy in your family.”  The young ones really understood the purpose of a Mom and Dad and that they needed to trust their parents to guide them along the path to happiness.

Our family does a lot of teaching about good parenting and strong family relationships around the world so my children are used to analyzing our family relationships and when they are going well, and when they aren't.  It's so great to be working on a mission as a family.

Well, actually all families are on a mission.  The mission is to develop eternal relationships and learn self-government so that we are ready to live in God's presence.  These two things are some of the hardest things we could possibly do, but will ultimately be the most important.  This life is really all about relationships and self-government.

From that Peck family discussion I wrote a family song called, What is a Family? And then my good friend, Lawrence Gee, composed music to go with it.  Here is a link to  a music video of the song I hope you enjoy it, and I hope it gives your family a great tool to start a discussion about what makes your family great and what you can do to improve your relationships.

Nicholeen Peck answers parenting questions on her blog Teaching Self Government Nicholeen is the mother of four children and has been a foster care for very difficult teens. She taught children with ADHD, OCD, kleptomania, compulsive lying, anger control issues, etc. They were the stars of the British TV sensation Worlds Strictest Parents. She has been featured numerous times in magazines and has written an published a book entitled "Parenting A House United."

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