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Who Are You Connected To?

Several weeks ago I taught a lesson in church about the Sacrament.

We covered all the basics; meeting protocol, covenant renewal and the purpose of the meeting in about 15 minutes.
I started to sweat a little when I noticed 25 minutes left on the clock with only a small section about reverence left to cover.

That problem worked itself out as soon as someone mentioned one magic word.


One word sparked a vibrant discussion about the role of smartphones in church.

The discussion was so vibrant that it led one gentleman to claim that, "bringing a smartphone into church is no better than bringing a playboy inside your scripture case."

Yes. I know. Discussions like this can sometimes bring out colorful remarks from the opinionated.

Amidst the flurry of comments was one insight that hit me hard.

One of the elders asked a question, "What is the purpose of your smartphone?"

Everyone agreed that the purpose of the phone was to keep you connected (to the world).

He then asked, "what is the purpose of coming to church?"

We agreed that the purpose of church was to connect with Heavenly Father.

There is no right/wrong about whether you should bring a smartphone into church. The answer (as with most things) lies in your intent.

BUT - I am easily distracted. My mind likes to wander and having a smartphone in my pocket does not make things easier.

I beat Angry Birds during a Sunday School lesson I was not particularly interested in. (In my defense, the Old Testament can sometimes be a bit challenging)

After that comment we spent the rest of the time talking about the question, "who are you connected to?"

Smartphones are a technical marvel. They can connect us to anyone, everyone, anything and everything...

But they can't literally connect us to Heavenly Father...

The next time you're in sacrament think about who you are connecting to.


Kyle Aldous connects his life to the scriptures daily and blogs about it in "Justified by the Scriptures". He is the PR/Marketing Director forBlickenstaff's (a new vintage toy/candy shop in the Shops at the Riverwoods). He LOVES to breakdance! He was recently married and is loving life!

Photo Credit: Barnaby Wasson

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