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The Courage to Try Something New

Recently, I received an unusual package in the mail.
I wasn't expecting anything,
so there was some excitement building
as I looked at the return mailing address
to see that it was from
a Publishing company out of the Midwest.

I opened the package and peeked inside--
two books were tucked inside.
As soon as I pulled them out,
my heart got to pumping
and a thrill came over that I could barely contain--
What it really what I thought it was?

Back in the summer of 2009,
I was surfing the internet,
and came across the Mary Englebreit website.
I've always been a huge fan of her artwork
with it's colorful images and homey feel.
She was hosting a Slowcooker Recipe Contest--
the winners would receive copies of the cookbook
once it was published.

Now, I am not a great cook.
In fact, I used to be such an awful cook
that my family joked that
the smoke alarm served as our dinner bell.
I was never much interested in cooking
when I was a young mom.
Even today,
when I use dog years to count how old I am--
my idea of a good day is when
someone else is doing the cooking!

But, I started trying to cook--
actually opening cookbooks,
trying things out,
getting recipes from websites,
and friends...
and more often than not,
I can turn out a decent meal.

So back to the Summer of 2009--
I really wanted to participate in that
Slowcooker contest,
mostly because I love Mary Engelbreit--
so I sighed a big sigh, gathered my courage,
and tapped out on the keyboard a few recipes.
That was over a year and a half ago.

But can I just say that when I opened that beautiful
padded manila envelope
and found my name and recipe
inside the book,
I was thrilled!

If you had told me when I was younger,
that I'd have my name in a real
I'd have thought you were crazy!

It just goes to show that the possibilities are endless
when we put our mind to something
and give it a try!
With a New Year sitting in front of you
offering up 360-odd days
to do with what you will,
come up with the
courage to try something new!

Dawn aka Momza, is a Mother to 7, Gramza to the Ninja Baby,
Midwife Assistant/Doula, Home Stager, and Writer. She lives in the Colorado Rockies and blogs at Momza's House.

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