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Finding Your House Style

There are so many house styles around these days. There's English country, French country, Modern, Victorian, Minimalist, Craftsman, Eclectic, Chic, Shabby Chic, Eco Chic...the list goes on. For whatever style you have, there is probably a name for it. The key is to finding your style.

On the outside, that may seem like a simple task. But the reality of it is that our personal style is influenced by so many things that it's hard to know the difference between what your true style is and what your style habits are. How many of us started out our decorating days with styles remarkably similar to our parents? Go ahead and admit it. No one's keeping score.

Our homes are our refuge from the outside world. Or at least they should be. They should reflect who we are....our families, our beliefs, our focus in life. Each of us are amazingly unique and our homes should reflect our uniqueness.

But how do we find our style? My unsolicited advice is simple. Start looking. Pay attention to what you are drawn to while shopping, looking through magazines, watching TV, anything. I highly recommend keeping a file of things you love. As you're looking through magazines or newspapers, clip out the things you love. Pictures of rooms, rugs, accessories, anything. As you collect these pictures you will begin to see a style emerge. And it will be your style.

Implementing your style will take time. Even if you had unlimited time and money, it simply could not happen overnight. I like to think of a home as a living, breathing thing. It evolves as we evolve. And we are continually evolving.


Once upon a time, this Lady got a degree in Interior Design. She now spends her days taking care of her 2 little girls and 1 computer geek husband. Although it can't be said that she likes to learn everything the hard way, it can be said that she usually does.

You can read more on her personal blog Lady of Perpetual Chaos.

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