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Label Your Fridge

I have a little secret that I want to share.  It has calmed the chaos of what used to be known as:

Let me set the scene for you:

 It's Saturday.  You have just spent what felt like a billion dollars on groceries at your local Grocery Mart (I made that store name up), to feed your children who seem to eat as much as 300 pound football players.  After wrestling with the crowds and the kids, you plop down on the couch the minute you walk in that door.

And then you remember that you must unload the vehicle transporting the vast amount of food that could feed a small army.  So, being the awesome woman you are, you recruit hubby and kids to unload and put groceries away.  (My parents always told me this was the reason they had kids.)

5 hours later, when you go to make dinner, you have NO CLUE where anything is.

As you dig past the milk, orange juice, grapes, eggs, jam, sausage, shredded cheese, hot dogs and yogurt, you begin the interrogation of family members to find out where the heck the sour cream ended up at.

It is right then that you realize you have pulled out the entire contents of the fridge for one measly little bucket that was hidden under the bag of carrots.

My solution:

Designate every shelf in the fridge for a specific group of items.

And then LABEL them.

Oh, yes.  I said label.

I cannot even begin to tell you how much more organized my fridge stays.  It's one less chaotic thing in my life, and it is such a relief!  How many times have you stored Leftovers, only to discover them 6 weeks later (when you're pulling everything out to find the sour cream)? Well if you have a clearly labeled Leftovers Shelf/Shelves, you know what you have before it goes bad.  And you know exactly how long those beans in the Tupperware have been in the fridge, and are able to toss them before they ferment.

It also has helped me keep my fridge wiped down, because there is less junk in there.  Before I go shopping, I go through and toss what I need to and wipe down the shelves.


Here's what it looks like right this minute.  I just quickly threw out the old salad and did a quick wipe down.  It's ready for me to go grocery shopping now.

I printed out the words on regular paper, then taped them to the underside of the shelves or bins.

(. . . and I LOVE them!)

A free solution for an annoying problem.
Mr. Smith now knows where I want everything to go.  I have learned the hard way that he doesn't read minds.


Jordan is a SAHM of 2 beautiful kids who remind her that 'stupid' is a naughty word.  She blogs over at Mean Mommy Academy about such adventures.

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