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Meal Planning: Why You Should Be Doing It

woman looking in fridge
Have you ever struggled with what to feed your family for dinner?

Have you stood in front of the fridge, door open, head tilted off to the side, at 5:00 in the evening, as your family asks you "Mom! What's for dinner? I'm hungry! When are we eating?"

The sad truth is, most of us have been there. Some of us are there right now, and I can guarantee that at least ONE of you are reading this blog right now (hi guys) in an effort to avoid going into the kitchen, opening up the cupboards, and trying to put something on the table.

When it comes to family meal time, you need a plan,

and I'm going to help you get one.

We are going to slowly be introducing you to meal planning system that was developed by my mother, over 30 years ago, and that I have been improving upon for the last decade.

I have taught hundreds of women how to meal plan, and now? I'm going to show you my secrets.

Benefits of Meal Planning include:

  • MORE MONEY in your pocket. You will save money by not eating convenience or restaurant food. The average family saves $60 a week by cooking at home!
  • HEALTHIER MEALS will be prepared, and you know exactly what you're putting in your body.
  • LESS impulse buys. You have a plan, you have a budget, and hopefully, you have a little bit of willpower!
  • TIME SAVING. You will gain precious minutes back, giving you more time for the things you really love, because you have taken all the guess work out of dinner. 
Starting next week, I’m going to be giving you a little bit of homework. 

Simplicity is key when it comes to meal planning, however different families have different health and nutritional needs, and you’re going to have to personalize this system for yourself. It’s going to take time to evolve, and chances are, you’re going to have to get the whole family involved. Rome wasn’t conquered in a day, and your menu system won’t be either. But together, we can make family meal time successful again.

- - -
Caroline Bingham is Editor of Mormon Mommy Blogs, writes/draws about life as she knows it at The Bingham Diaries, and features bloggers daily at the Casual Blogger Community. She lives just outside of Washington DC with her husband and their four children, and tries her hardest not to screw it all up. Her sharp wit and honest parenting advice have earned her recognition as one of the best parenting blogs on the web. Caroline has a solid testimony of blogging, a color coded system for everything, and probably likes you. Amen.

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