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Baptisim. No guts.... No Glory

We recently attended the baptism of My niece.  She is the youngest in my oldest brother's family and thus was extremely excited to become an official member of the Church like her older siblings had done.  We watched her in her cute white jumpsuit, walk through the door that led to the font.  Then we heard a scream.  A painful, awful scream.

She put her foot into the font and discovered someone didn't fill it up with warm water.

It was ice cold.

My brother, who was stepping into the freezing water from the other side, also winced in pain, but proceeded on until he was in the center of the font.  He streached out his hand for his sweet baby girl and said, "Come on.  It's going to be okay."  She looked at him with such a sad face.  "Daddy, it's so cold!"  We all helplessly looked on silently.  What could be done?  The Bishop, standing amongst us, quietly said, "I'm sorry.  I filled the font and didn't realize.  But we can't drain it and fill it up again.  It would take too long."

My Mom, bless her sarcastic, blunt, in your face, lil' heart, said loudly......"I bet you the water that Jesus was baptized in wasn't nice and warm."  I turned and looked at her with a "Are you serious?  Really.  You had to make that comment right now?" kinda expression.

But she was right.  That River Jordan was no heated pool, I imagine.

My niece then did the most courageous, faithful thing I'd ever seen her do in her entire life.

She walked into the font.

My brother took her in his arms and with the power of the priesthood, she became the newest member of the church.

When she came up out of the water, her smile warmed the entire room.  Her mother was waiting for her at the top of the steps with a towel as well as tears in her eyes.

We all breathed a sigh of relief that my brother got it right the first time.  For a moment, my mind went to an image of him messing up the words or not getting her completely emerged, and having to see her go into that freezing water over and over again until it was done right.  But then I thought.  She would've done whatever it took to become a member of the Lord's church.  And that gave my heart peace.

And it reknewed my Testimony.

It was a great day.


Katy is a wife, mother and enjoyer of all things chocolate.  She loves music, laughter, and the simple things in life.  Her roller coaster of thoughts can be found at  Admission is always free.

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