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Book Review: Matched by Ally Condie

MatchedMatched by Ally Condie

Society controls everything, and Cassia has always been okay with that. The officials choose what she'll eat, what she'll do in society, and who she'll marry.

When her best friend comes up as her match at her matching ceremony, she couldn't be happier. After all, the officials know who you are most likely to be happy and successful with.

However, during some time alone, Cassia puts a chip into her computer that will tell her more about her match.

And her whole world turns upside down.

A different boy's face appears on the screen. Is it possible that the officials make mistakes? Is her society less than perfect?

As she gets to know the other boy, she starts to wonder if he should be her match.

This is a dystopian novel about learning to make choices and falling in love.

Cassia is a great character, and her internal dialogue brings the reader into her society and into her head.

I can't wait to watch this series build!

Readers who have enjoyed other dystopian trilogies, such as The GiverUgliesCity of EmberThe Hunger Games, and The Maze Runner, will likely enjoy this book long as they're open to a little more romance and introspection (and less violence)...which I always am.  :)

About the Author

According to her website, LDS author Ally Condie, lives in the Salt Lake area with her husband and three boys. She loves reading, running, and eating. She is a former High School English teacher.

Matched is the first part of a three book deal with Penguin Young Readers.


Emily is a home-schooling mom of three, who loves books more than chocolate cake. You can find hundreds of reviews of good, clean reads at her blog, Homespun Light.

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