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Creative Minds

When last minute groceries are needed, I usually wait until my husband gets home to stay with our crazy happy kids.  Don't get me wrong, I love taking my kids shopping.  Really, I do.  But it's nice to have some "me" time, if it's only for a mere 30 minutes in a busy grocery store with a bazillion other mothers who are seeking "me" time as well. 

Driving home from said alone time, I called home to ask Dave to send my oldest outside to help me bring in all the lovely things I'd boughten....milk, eggs, bread, know, the staples.  He said he'd let her know and I hung up my cell phone and automatically turned up the radio to finish singing my heart out to the latest top 40 song blaring.  Yep, I'm that kinda of gal.  The one you'll see rocking out in her car at the stop light, without caring who's watching me make a fool of myself.

As I round the corner and drive down my street, I come upon a scene that brings a smile to my face.  Standing in front of my house doing their famous popping and locking dance moves are my two daughters.  The eight year old is wearing a yellow high school graduation gown complete with a 80's skinny tie tied around her head hippie like.  The five year old has on a black witches hat, cape and pink snow mittens.

It's the middle of Febuary, 70 degrees out, and a Thursday.

Only in my world, would this picture seem "normal".

I jump out of our truck as the girls run to my side.

"Did you like our cool moves Mom?" they ask.

"Of course.  You two look great." I say.

"I'm a witch and Hannah is a gypsy." my five year old happily says.

"I can see that.  Now hurry and help me bring these bags in.  I bought you some treats."

They scream excitedly as they each take a bag.

As I watch them run inside, I look at our home.  It badly needs a coat of paint.  The lawn has more weeds then actual grass.  And a distinct smell of dirty diapers is coming from the trash can by our back gate.  Our kids don't have the latest video gaming equipment, nor do they have weekly ballet or horse back riding lessons to get ready for.  I can't even recall the last time our family was able to take a vacation anywhere that the tickets weren't buy one get one free or more than 30 miles away and had walking cartoon charaters to greet them at the entrance gates. 

So we have to be ubber creative and fun and free spirited.  That's how we roll.  I guess it's rubbed off on our kids.  Their "live life to it's fullest" attitudes are some of the best attributes they've inheirited from their parents.

And watching their dress up clothes billow in the breeze as they raced inside the house with the grocery bags, I felt like the richest woman in the world.  Who needs fancy cars, houses and clothes when you have the most beautiful, loving and imaginative children to ever walk the planet?


Katy is a wife, mother and enjoyer of all things chocolate. She loves music, laughter, and the simple things in life. Her roller coaster of thoughts can be found at Admission is always free.

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