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Doing Enough

I had an interesting discussion with a friend the other day- she sincerely admired her husband's ability to know the grade he needed on any given paper for his classes at college, and then write a paper to achieve that grade.  Need an "A" paper?  Done.  "B" paper?  No problem.

As I near the end of a pregnancy, I've been thinking along similar lines.

Tomatillo salsa from our garden, figs from Mom's tree

My family and I have had a LOT of fun the past few years seeing just how far we could go in getting our expenses down by making do, doing it ourself, or doing without.  It's been an engrossing hobby for me, and a necessary parlor trick during some very lean fiscal times.  We did the homemade laundry soap, dishwasher detergent,and bread.  We did the cloth diapers, line dried when it was sunny enough.  Did the yogurt, the handmade gifts, the canning, the simple cotton skirts from Mom's sewing machine and fabric stash.  Homemade soy milk and chocolate syrup.  Homeschooled the kindergartener.

However, my body and my family finally said "Enough!" about 7 months into this pregnancy.  I found myself on the couch, and my house full of willing helpers using everything that was modern, disposable, and convenient.  You know what?  It's fantastic.  Truly.

During these "down" months we've learned what's really important to us, and what we can let slide.  Sometimes we have to be on our A game- the budget is exhausted, the family still needs taking care of.  It's so important to me to HAVE those "A" grade skills, to be able to feed a family of four on $150 a month, or wash laundry for $5 a month.  Sometimes...B is good enough.

We'll add back what's important to us as I'm able, and I'm excited to continue learning new skills.  And the rest?  I'm just grateful for the help!


Chelan 083 Myrnie is Mom to two little girls, and one little boy-on-the-way, wife to her husband, and a lifelong book junkie. She can be found crafting and gabbing here and being all crunchy here.

Photo credits: Myrnie

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