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Tips For Picking The Perfect Paint Color

Paint.  Whenever you're looking for an inexpensive home decor suggestions, paint is usually the number one recommendation.  It's versatile and the options are endless.  It's an inexpensive option to totally transform a room.  And it's simple.  At least in theory it's simple.

As anyone who has painted a room can attest, the actual act of putting paint on a wall is not especially complicated or difficult.  Picking out a paint color is a different story.  As well as finding the time to empty the room, cover everything left and have children entertained so that they aren't tempted to "help" you can be challenging.  Picking the right color in the first place makes the whole process much simpler.

My one, sure-fire tip for picking your perfect paint color is simple.  Go to the store that you intend to purchase paint from and pick up several paint samples in varying shades.  I would suggest getting at least 3-4 different cards.  If you are unsure about the color, pick up 3-4 cards for each of the colors you're considering.  Then take them home and tape them up on the wall.  High tech, I know.  Over the next few days, or weeks, look at the paint samples several times throughout the day.  Morning, noon, evening, night.  Natural light and unnatural light.  As you watch the samples, you will see which colors will work and which won't.  It really will become obvious.  As you decide which colors will not work, then cross them out and eventually you will be left with the perfect color for your room.  Painting is plenty of work so it's worth it to take the time to find the right color.

Another painting tip...don't feel like you have to do a certain color because it's trendy unless you want to.  Some people like a lot of color on their walls and that is great.  Some people don't like a lot of color on their walls and that is great, too.  Personally, I opt for light neutrals.  My life and house are chaotic and colorful as it is so the restful background color works for us.  Colorful walls are wonderful as well and can add so much personality to a room.  The goal is to have your home reflect you, whatever paint color that may be.

A fresh coat of paint can give a room a whole new lease on life.  And maybe even inspire you to clean it!  And that, my friends, is a miracle in itself.

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Once upon a time, this Lady got a degree in Interior Design.  She now spends her days taking care of her 2 little girls and 1 computer geek husband.  Although it can't be said that she likes to learn everything the hard way,  it can be said that she usually does.

You can read more on her personal blog Lady of Perpetual Chaos.

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