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Who Needs an Eagle Scout or Personal Progress Project Idea?

Please mark your calendars for Thursday, March 24, 2011, noon MDT, to join the complimentary, live FamilySearch bloginar, Indexing the World’s Historic Records: The Global Phenomenon Continues.
Remember how we told you we would help you all learn how awesome and easy Family History can be?

And, remember how we told you there were TONS of ways for you to serve, and work on your Family History and you can do it right from your home—in your pajamas—in 30 minutes or less?

Want to know what all the fuss is about, and catch the Spirit of Elijah?

We have an opportunity for you to learn HOW you can do this coming up NEXT WEEK-- and it's FREE-- and is a wonderful way to get YOUTH involved!

You can watch this LIVE WEBINAR provided by The Church to teach you how to Index and show you just how easy it is. Then you could take it one step further and teach the youth in your areas—offering them ideas for their Eagle Scout Projects or  Personal Progress 10 Hour Project.

Truthfully, my kids think Indexing is fun. And No, they aren’t weird.

I really like that it offers them something else to do on a Sunday afternoon other than fight with each other... or bug me.

MMB is very excited to be able to invite you to attend this event from the comfort of your own home, sponsored by Family Search.

You are probably thinking that it will be boring, but that is where you will be TOTALLY wrong.

Family Search is run by former CEO’s and VP’s of major Technology companies—Oracle, Microsoft, Hewlett Packer… These are the big dogs, the “Playas”, and not only that, they have personality and spunk! You will come away having learned and been entertained… all while doing something worthwhile and good.

Meeting Description:

The FamilySearch Indexing Program, fueled by incredible volunteers, has become a worldwide phenomenon since its launch in 2006, producing hundreds of millions of free, searchable, online records. Online crowds of volunteers, from all walks of life, in seven languages, pore over millions of digital images of historic records, 24/7, to provide free online indexes for the world community. Thousands of new volunteers continue to join the initiative each month.

In this exclusive FamilySearch event, featuring the FamilySearch indexing workforce managers, you will discover:
  • Who are these volunteers? Where are they located?
  • What drives the growing sea of volunteers to continually donate their time and talents?
  • How much data is being produced today?
  • What are the greatest challenges?
  • What are the latest enhancements to the software tool?
  • What are the 2011 production and software goals?
Participants will see demonstrations on their computers over the Internet and interact with presenters by phone or a live, e-text or chat forum.
  • Date:  Thursday, March 24, 2011
  • Time: 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. MDT
    Where: FamilySearch Bloginar Online and by Phone (Please use phone instructions below to receive conference audio)
  • Cost: Complimentary
  • Presenter(s): Katie Gale, FamilySearch indexing Workforce Communications Manager
  • Scott Flinders, FamilySearch Product Manager

Subscribe or Log-in Instructions:

Wednesday, March 24, 2011, at noon MDT, click on this FamilySearch March 2011 Bloginar link to join the meeting. If no audio, call in on the following numbers:

International Toll:  1-719-867-0075
US or Canada Toll Free:  1-800-591-2259

Phone Participant Pass Code: 948178
If you have never attended a Connect Pro meeting before:

Test your connection:
Get a quick overview:

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