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Why I am Always a Day Late and a Dollar Short--the Un-Mentionable Story

When I was a little girl,
my mom bought me special underwear--
the kind with the Days of the Week stitched on them.

I loved them.

I'd set each pair out the night before--
Monday for Monday
Tuesday for Tuesday
Wednesday for Wednesday
Thursday for
well, you get the point.
I'd get super excited about how I could
organize my entire weeks' outfits around
a pair of ruffled underwear!

But then at the end of the week,
on Sunday, actually--
it would all go to pun,
pun intended.
There was no underwear with Sunday on them.
It's like it was sacrilegious to have the word
"Sunday" on a pair of unmentionables.
That was back when shopping wasn't done on Sundays--
if you're as old as me,
you probably recall those days when
 Thou shalt keep the Sabbath day holy
was the real deal.
Stores, restaurants, movie theaters, baseball fields
were quiet.
Sunday was a day of reverence...
and I guess even the underwear people knew that.

So when Sunday came around,
I had to wear Monday's underwear...
and thus began an ugly chain of events.
I wore Tuesday's underwear on Monday,
and Wednesday's on Tuesday...
and so on
and so on...
until I was so far behind,
I ended up wearing Saturday's underwear on Tuesdays!
And that is why I am always a day late and a dollar short!

I bought the Caboose her own
Days of the Week underwear--
and she was so excited,
she ran up to her bathroom--
at  three o'clock in the afternoon!-
and took a shower to put on her
new underwear!
I kid you not--
can't even make this stuff up.

So when Mr. W came home,
she met him at the door
and whispered in his ear about her new
Days Of the Week underwear.
"I'm wearing Wednesdays!'"
We both smile and say,
"It's Tuesday though."
"Oh I know, she says, but I won't have time to
shower in the morning, so I'm wearing them for tomorrow."

[I did tell her she could've waited until I washed them --but she didn't wait.]

So I tossed the others in the wash with some things,
and as I'm sorting them out from the dryer,
I notice something--
there's a Sunday pair.
And then I smile--
no more messing up the days of the week for her!
YES! I think.  Underwear makers finally get it!
We need to wear clean unmentionables even on Sundays!

And then there was a note of sadness.
A ridiculous, sappy realization.
Sundays are just like every other day
in the world my daughter lives in...
they are not days' of rest...
they are days to catch-up
days to run errands and shopping
days to go to movies and out to eat
or a "nod to God and then I'm gone"--
days to go to church and then to ball games...
Sundays are just like every other day--
and even Fruit of the Loom knows it.

And men wonder why women are so uptight?!!!

Dawn Anderson.  The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe has nothing on this Mother of 7, Granma to a Ninja Baby. She is a Midwife Asst./Doula, Home Stager, Writer, Convert to the LDS faith--living it up and writing it all down at Momza's House.

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