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You Cried For Me Today

As I put you in bed tonight, I thought my shift was over for the day. 

I kissed your forehead and said night, night.

I left you there to sleep and went on to my nightly doings. 

Except tonight you did not sleep like you usually do. You cried! For way longer then I wanted to hear you.

As I stormed into your room, with all the intent of telling you to... "Stop crying and go to sleep,I have had it with you today."

Something made me scoop you out of your crib, put a pillow on the floor and just snuggle you till you fell asleep. 

It was there holding your little body, caressing your soft hair, and smelling your sweet little neck that I realized you cried for me today.

How did you know I have had a hard couple of days? Have I been distant or detached?  Did you see me cry this morning? 

I knew there on the floor that many nights you have needed me there, to calm you down, and hold your hand because you were afraid. But not today... Today I was the one who needed you.

I needed you to show me that no matter how hard things get and how unfair life may seem,  as long as I have the love of my children, husband, and Savior there will always be a chance for a better tomorrow.

And if tomorrow sucks?  I know you will be there for me again.

So thank you little angel. Thank you for crying for me tonight. 

~ Guest Post from Vanessa Martos

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