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DIY Phone Book Wreath : Your Front Door Directory

Book wreaths are all the rage.  I wanted one I could hang on the front door, but I was concerned about Mother Nature and her Elements.  So here's another version.  And it seems to do the trick.

You will need:

:: A phone book or three, depending on the thickness of the white pages and size of your wreath
:: Scissors
:: A lid or circular object to trace circles (mine measured approx. 6 in. across)
:: Hot glue gun
:: Cardboard
:: A method of hanging up your wreath (I used ribbon- and it's taped to the top lip of the door with packing tape)

Cut out a piece of cardboard to the size you would like your wreath to be.  I wanted square, but you can do a circle as well.

Trace your lid onto the phone book pages, cutting them out several layers at a time.  Cut into spirals, roll them up, and then let 'em go.  Easy, peasy!

Glue your 'rosettes' onto your cardboard.  You will find a healthy dose of patience is helpful if you plan on doing a larger wreath... ;)

I made mine almost a year ago, and it's been hanging up for months.  This is what it looks like today- it's very durable and has survived MAJOR rain and wind storms (the kind that blows down and uproots massive trees), so use as an outdoor wreath is possible, as long as you have a roof over your front porch.  It has not, however, been tested in snowy conditions, since I live in AZ.  ;)

Please note that this wreath is very raw: embellish it, spray paint it, the possibilities are endless!  I would love to see what you can come up with using this technique as your basic wreath!


Jordan is a Stay-at-home-mom by day, a Piano Teacher by afternoon, and a Terrible Sleeper by night.  She blogs over at Mean Mommy Academy about such mind-blowing excitement.  ;)

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