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Don't Put Off Making Your Home

 A friend recently posted about the importance of enjoying what we have NOW.  Yes!  It's so tempting to tell yourself "I'll be happy when ______" and fill in the blank.  When my husband gets out of school, and we'll see him more.  When we have a better paying job.  When I'm not morning sick.  When the kids learn to pick up their OWN toys.  When...when...when.  But what about now?  

I want to LOVE that my kids need a mother.  I want to LOVE the little "imagine" games they play.  I want to LOVE their tiny fingers.  I want to LOVE the short conversations with my husband that are so much more meaningful because they're so precious and rare.  I want to LOVE the noise and energy in our home that come from homeschooling and having little kids and music and games.  

Even when things aren't what we want, a home still has to be made.  No fair sitting around and waiting for that home you want to just *drop* into your lap!  


Chelan 083 Myrnie is Mom to two little girls, and one little boy-on-the-way, wife to her husband, and a lifelong book junkie. She can be found crafting and gabbing on her blog I Wonder Woman and being all crunchy at DIY Mama.

Photo credits: Myrnie

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