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Easy DIY Signature Style for Spring

She's got legs! That's my daughter so I can say it. Don't look now, but she is that cute all over, inside and out! Addie goes to a Charter School and is more than disgruntled with the uniformed apparel. To 'spice' up the wardrobe and stay within code, she found this sassy style-maker.

I'm going to say the big, bad, scary word: Sewing-Machine. Did you shiver? Have no fear. I hate it too, but if I can do this...anyone can. Truly. (Just ask my son's miserable Scout badges dangling from his shirt.)

Items you need:
  • Sewing Machine
  • Two Pairs of Tights*
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • 30 minutes (you can probably swing it in 15, but why not enjoy the project?)

*I have done this with all different colors, styles and makes of tights. BE CLEVER & PLAYFUL! If you are concerned mixing thicker, warm (woven) tights with the more giving, stretchy (nylon) tights...don't be. I've done this mix as well and it works!

1) Cut one leg off of each pair. I did this 1/2-inch below the gusset (ok, make me say it: crotch). Just make sure it is the same location for both pair.

2) Pull the waist of one pair, Pair "A", over the arm of your sewing machine, so that the rough (cut) edge is lined up under the needle.

3) Pull the removed leg (off of the opposite pair, Pair "B") over the arm next, and allow it's rough (cut) edge to overlap Pair "A's" rough edge by 1/3-1/2 inch. Once I've got both Pair "A" and "B" to line up (overlapped) and lay smooth this way, I like to pin a few areas to keep it that way as I sew. *yes, you are going to have to pin while it is stretched onto the arm. And yes, you look like a wonk when you do this all the way around the arm*

4) Once everything is lined up, overlapping a bit where they meet up and laying flat, you are ready to sew! I used a wide stitch (as in the needle swings side to side) that was super close together, also known as a tight stitch. (play around with your machine on scraps to make sure you are set on the right stitch.) I went to town on my seams. My daughter is 11 and plays hard at recess. It will do no harm to stretch the tights and get a lot of thread into the seam. *also be sure to reverse a bit at the beginning and end of your seam, to bolster it up*

5) Remove your fancy new pair of tights from the machine arm, and trim any excess threads. Enjoy being the savvy fashionista that you are! Oh, and yes. They launder normally:)


Kristen is always looking for thingstolearnathome. She's a home-body and lives for her 3 kidlets, 1 hubby and St.Bernard 'Humphry'. Oh, and cream cheese frosting on carrot cake. And laughing, that too. 

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