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Humanitarian Aid for Hachinohe

Hachinohe is the nearest "big city" to us here in Misawa.  It's where the good recycle shops, Toy's R Us and the fabric stores are.  It's where you go if you want a 4-D Ultrasound, Cello lessons or Great Rock Climbing right next to the ocean.

And it was hit pretty hard by a huge Tsunami.

Unfortunately for the locals, a lot of the resources were diverted or sent to Sendai leaving Hach short.   There are anti-hoarding laws here in Japan so locals are not allowed to have food storage.  And apparently the grocery stores are now empty.

On Sunday, Pres. B. announced in church that we would be collecting supplies to take to Hach.

 Misawa Mormons were asked to donate food and warm blankets.  
(And many of our friends and neighbors donated too.)

My Husband went with some other branch members (including some of the youth) 
and took the donations to the L.D.S. church building in Hachinohe.

This is the e-mail I got tonight:

Misawa Branch Members-
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! I am so humbled to have seen the amazing outpouring of charity demonstrated by you all. This evening we loaded up in THREE VEHICLES all the food, blankets and sleeping bags collected over the past 30 hours and delivered them to the Hachinohe Branch President. He was amazed! He was so humble and grateful for all that you shared. It is an experience that I will never forget! He said that it is enough food to last a very long time! He said he would share it with families and friends who will need it over the next days to weeks. We still have TWO VEHICLES full of clothing. We plan on donating these to the local Jr/Sr High School/Red Cross humanitarian drive.
I can't thank you enough!  --President B.

~A Guest Post by Emily Warner.  You can read more of Emily's adventures in Japan and the aftermath of the Tsunami/Earthquake on her blog Acte Gratuit: A Look at Life in between Naps.

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