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A Lesson From the Mothers' Lounge

This is the clock in the Mothers' Lounge in my building. It hasn't stopped, but something is bent, and it is always 3:44 and 40 seconds. With every tick the minute hand bounces right back down to the 8. The first time I used the Mothers' Lounge I realized there was no way for me to really know how much time I was going to spend in there. It almost seemed like a message to me. A message to slow down. To just be in the moment. To just enjoy the baby, give him my undivided attention and meet his needs on his time table, not mine.

The diligence of that little second hand bouncing up and down reminded me that time moves quickly, and as much as I'd like to catch a second and keep it forever, I can't. Every second is it's own and there is just no getting time back. Once again it seemed like a message. Enjoy every second of this time, because these baby days go fast and won't come back.

I'm glad that clock is broken.

Heather likes to think of herself as A Goddess in Progress, which is where she normally spills out the personal triumphs, failures, discoveries, and random details of her life.

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