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Money For Japan

I started this post thinking I was a brilliant mother that was going to teach my kids all about one of the values I treasure most…charity. Guess what? My kids taught me.

We have all seen the news and watched all the pictures flash across the T.V. of the devestation in Japan. If you are like me you shed a few tears and your heart breaks a little just thinking about it. But what do you do? Are your kids asking questions like mine? Do you know the answers? I don’t. But a light bulb went off in my head – I want to teach my kids that we can do something. It may not change the world, but if we all do something – that is better than nothing, right?

What can we do?

I called my good friend who happened to be in Japan a few years ago during their last earthquake in hopes of getting a few ideas of what the people in Japan would need. After a tear jerking conversation and many wonderful ideas like water, baby wipes, baby powder (to use in your hair so you don’t have to waste your water to wash your hair) I was back to square one because how in the world would I get these great products to the people anyway? So next I called the humanitarian department for my church to see if I could put hygeine kits together, that is something my kids could help me with and understand. They said the contacts they have in Japan are asking for two things.

  1. Prayers….check.
  2. Monetary donations….let’s do it.
I was trying to stay away from donating money, because I didn’t think my kids would get it. Again, wrong. I called my mom-- moms know everything, right?  Yes they do. She had a brilliant idea!

Why not have them save their money for Japan. They can do extra chores to earn money, they can go without popcorn on popcorn Friday at school, they can put all the money they find in the couch and instead of keeping the money to buy the latest and greatest whatever, they can donate it instead. I said in all my wisdom, “Mom, that won’t add up to anything – it won’t make a difference.” She said in all HER wisdom, “Just think of what your kids will learn.” Sacrafice for others, working together as a family toward a common goal, just knowing that they don’t have to watch the devastation and do nothing. They can do SOMETHING. Like I said – moms know everything.

But here is something this mom (I) didn’t know. How some kids must be born with charity. I didn’t teach them one. thing. 

All it took was printing off this little label . . .

. . . Taping it to a jar and showing it to my kids. The jar is already 1/3 full. My oldest (9 years old) immediately left to go find the $10.00 he had been saving in his wallet. When he couldn’t find his wallet he was upset. Five minutes later I found him sorting through his Pokemon collection, when I inquired about it he told me how he couldn’t find his money so he was going to sell his Pokemon on eBay and donate the money to Japan. 


Charity lesson…check.

It’s not all charity over here, however. I asked my 5 year old if she wanted to donate any of her recently acquired birthday money, “No mom, I need that money for Disneyland!”

Charity lesson…in progress.

Once you collect your money, what do you do with it?

Coming soon…

HowDoesShe is teaming up with some of the TOP blogs to bring you a recipe book worth having.

We are hoping to have it ready very soon and 100% of the money will be donated to disaster relief in Japan. I will keep you posted. What are some of our favorite blogs that you would LOVE to see a recipe from?

Motivated? I hope so.
Let's just do SOMETHING!

Together we will make a difference and hopefully our kids will learn a valuable lesson in the process.

What are you doing to help?
~ A Guest Post by Caley at

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